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Socfindo™ SIR-CV50, SIR-CV60 and SIR-10

Producer: PT Socfindo
Polymer type Natural Rubber

PT Socfin – Indonesia (Socfindo™) is one of the oldest established plantations in Indonesia with planting registered in North Sumatra from 1930.

Since then PT Socfin – Indonesia (Socfindo™) has developed into a leading estate producer of natural rubber recording some of the highest yields per hectare. Currently Pt Socfin – Indonesia has more than 10,000 Ha planted with rubber trees, Hevea Brasiliensis.

General info

Socfindo™ is the brand name for the natural rubber produced on the PT Socfin – Indonesia plantations and rubber factories. All Socfindo™ natural rubber is produced under the Indonesian Technically Specified Rubber scheme and classified accordingly as SIR-CV50, SIR-CV60 or SIR-10. PT Socfin – Indonesia is currently the largest producer of CV grades in Indonesia. All of the five plantations and two factories have been awarded Quality Standards including ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2007 and OHSAS 18000.

PT Socfin – Indonesia focuses on quality and the fact that only raw material is produced on their own estates resulting in Socfindo™ SIR-CV and SIR-10 being very clean and consistent. This makes Socfindo™ SIR-CV particularly suited to adhesive tape producers as well as anti-vibration system components, rubber and metal bonded parts, and a range of general rubber goods.


Socfindo™ standard Indonesian rubber grade specifications and typical results:
SpecificationTypical valuesSpecificationTypical valuesSpecificationTypical values
Raw MaterialLatexLatexField Coagulum
Dirt content, %
Initial Wallace Plasticity, Po30303041
Plasticity Retention Index, PRI60606079.7
Mooney Viscosity46-5549-5056-6559-60--